The 14th of May

I brought the bottle with me that day. I knew it would be my strength. Heart racing, I told you how I felt about you. You already knew. We could have kissed then, but there is no privacy in Grand Central Station.

It was the beginning of the universe making us difficult. Not a single safe location could be found. I couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t meant to be. We continued on. A single key led to seclusion. It seems so silly, looking back. Acting nonchalant until we locked eyes and moved in close.

I felt safe. My thoughts persisted; I moved in circles as you kissed me. I wouldn’t have noticed at all had you not softly said the words. I could have continued on forever, but there is no privacy in the walls surrounding Grand Central Station.

I left that safe location reluctantly. I followed you towards our busy destination. Perhaps you could sense my sadness. Perhaps you felt it too. We found ourselves in a dark, isolated location. Voices could be heard, footsteps could be felt. I am still in awe that you thought I was worth the risk.

I was leaning against the wall, I needed the support. You moved closer and I was sure you could hear my heart racing. I felt trapped in the most amazing way. The bottle gave me away.

I still get nervous walking into Grand Central Station.


Photo: Photo courtesy of the tumblr blog strwbrry-fields.

One thought on “The 14th of May”

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